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In The Middle Of The Monster's Journal

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  2005.09.23  08.01
Update your school

If you go (or went) to UVSC, and add your name to the new LJ schools feature here: http://www.livejournal.com/schools/

That is all.


  2003.10.24  09.16
Religion and Humanities Conference

UVSC had it's Religion and Humanities Conference yesterday. I really enjoyed the presentations I saw. The first two were from the "First Amendment Foundation" or something like that. These folks argue that the traditional division between notions of separation of church and state were often not in keeping with the actual historical evolution of such first amendment protections. Further, it was argued that it might be in some violation of the first amendment to restrict the free speech say, of children in school, who express religious feelings in the classroom. I think it is interesting but a little worrisome, but these guys are not fundies who want to teach anti-evolution in the class. Rather, they want to promote the study of religion in schools, from a point of view of illuminating the context that scientific, historical, and economic ideas are found in. Where there isn't general consensus (and there is a great deal of consensus) one should explain that, and the boundaries of religious ideas into these areas is permeable. I thought it made sense, but I was nervous about of the presentations on the "dangers" of secularization, though, I think that the speakers pov was not the way that portrayal sounds. These folks want to allow religion to be the issue that it really is, not preach religion. And secularization is a problem when we secularize what is inherently religious (elimination religion from history and science, since it has a real role).

There are more pictures behind the cut.

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  2002.10.24  07.07

UVSC's Student Journal "Intersections" has a community of its own.


  2002.10.16  05.45
The Other Xtians

I'm looking forward to a presentation by Stanley Hauerwas, in UVSC's upcoming 7th annual Humanities and Religion conference. He's one of the not so silent group of Christian pacifists that have been raising their voices in opposition to the wars of retaliation against Afghanistan and the upcoming plans for attempting to oust Hussein. I don't give a rats ass about the theological notions of Jesus, but I applaud any human who stands for peace and love, whether that be Jesus or Gandhi. It's just a shame that so many so called Xtians give Xtianity a bad name. It should be illuminating.


  2002.10.11  19.26
All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace A Chance

Peace Rally on UVSC Campus

Ralph Nader Speaks at UVSC

Wednesday October 11 a Peace Rally was held at UVSC campus. All but one speaker were faculty, and a small crowd gathered to chant "What do we want? PEACE". "When do we want it? Now!"

The next day, Ralph Nader delivered an excellent speech in the Ragan Theater about civic responsibility, the possibility for change, and the current state of affairs: the corporate power in America.


  2002.10.08  15.51

Did anyone go to the anti-war rally in Provo last night? I drove by, there was quite a few people (for Utah Valley)


  2002.10.04  08.56
Intersections: Call for Papers

The 3rd Volume of UVCS’s Integrated Studies Journal “Intersections” is now accepting submissions for academic papers from all areas of study. Submission forms available in the Integrated Studies Department AD217 and at: www.xmission.com/~cretin/intersections/

Submission Deadline for Fall 2002 is November 28th at 5:00 pm

For more information contact Don LaVange at intersections@uvsc.edu or at cretin@xmission.com.


  2002.10.04  08.47
LDS Satire

I think the take-off on the Onion, called "The Sugar Beet" is pretty damned funny.


  2002.10.04  08.39
Who's on First?

Some LJ users I know about on campus.

mikeyjinx (friends only)



  2002.10.04  08.34
Web Limitations

So what is the deal with UVSC's wacky organization for the computer network. Here are some of my bitches:

  1. Differing login names. Now this new portal has a different login name and password than is used for GroupWise or for the open labs and the library computers. Domain turf wars?

  2. Web space for faculty and students. Here at UVSC, everything seems to be being controlled by 'big brother'. How about some reasonable guidelines for web publication???


  2002.08.22  17.15

Okay, well that was too semesters ago. I've taken the summer off and am back again.

Something that is really pissing me off today is this honors class that got cancelled out from under me. I was really looking forward to going to it. Guess I was the only person that signed up? What's with people not signing up for an honors class? The classes are smaller, the conversation more interesting, and the level of learning skyrockets (to my experience).


  2001.10.26  12.21

I'm feeling totally swamped. I've got a rough draft of a term paper due nov 5, I've got journals I'm supposed to be keeping I'm behind on -- 3 of them. I've got tests coming up for both bio and astronomy and haven't done the reading. I'm working on a paper for bio, have a paper due in history Monday and one for ethics sometime about now to. Most of those papers require some thinking about media I may or may not have exposed myself to yet.

I'm having a blast.


  2001.10.26  12.09
LJ Photo Session

I have a digi cam. Anyone who wants a pic for their LJ who is on UVSC campus, well, hollar at me and let's arrange a time for me to take a shot or two for your user images.


  2001.10.26  10.54

Here I am on campus with my trusty steed.


  2001.10.25  15.24
Fomos or pomos

I was thinking, there should be a club of fomos or pomos, whichever label one prefers, at UVSC. I about snorted coffee through my nose the other day when a professor slipped and asked the class if there weren't a few 'mo's' in the room who might have an opinion of some religious interpretation.

But seriously, this campus is like some strange night-mareish version of "But_I_Reeeeeeallly_Wanted_To_Get_Into_BYUUUUUU!!!!" done in your best whiney voice.

Can we at least get a fucking coffee / espresso bar on the campus???



  2001.10.25  15.19
Welcome to Smack Dab!

Smack Dab in the middle of the monster. It was how Jerry Rubin, or Abbey Hoffman, I can't remember which, described life in Amerika. I thought it a fitting metaphor for being a student at Utah Valley State College, smack dab in the middle of the monster...

anyway, if you are a student at UVSC, or want to pretend like you are, you could join the community smack_dab.

It's open in all senses of the word. I don't care how this might be used.



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